Tuesday, September 12, 2017


May was so full of adventures for the Foxes! November has always been the craziest month for us being squeezed between Halloween and Christmas and having Thanksgiving AND Josan's birthday in there. But May is now officially in the lead. On top of a bunch of random fun stuff this year we had our 10th year anniversary on the 12th, Calvin's birthday on the 13th, Mothers Day on the 14th and then my Mom's birthday on the 23rd. It was seriously insane! Insane but great!

I thought this was so funny!! There was this guy (not sure how old maybe 17?) sitting right in front of us at church and Cal would not leave him alone! He just went straight to him and would stare right at him holding on to his legs and being the cutest invader ever! We apologized to the guy but he didn't seem to mind too much.

It's been 4 years since Tayler passed away. We got together at the cemetery and hung out for a bit. Also, Happy birthday Tayler!!

Josan has been playing baseball as much as possible this year. We love to go to see him play. But sometimes Calvin doesn't last the whole game so we play around a little.

For one of our camping trips Kelli and I decided for some reason to take three kids to the grocery store and get what we needed for the trip. I'm not sure how moms with a lot of kids do this. It was so overwhelming! But we did it! And the kids actually had a good time so I'll call this one a success!

Here's a few random pictures of the month

We took our camper out for the first time in Moab. The campsite really wasn't great. At all. It was just gravel everywhere. But there was a tiny ghost town there that we explored and went hiking at the Delicate Arches and that was seriously cool. Camping is pretty exhausting. Personally I think it's way worse for the parents than for the kids but the kids were the ones napping...;)

These 2 wrestled on Cal's bed and had so much fun! They love each other! 

Delicate Arches

This view was AMAZING!!

Hahaha that sure is a nice feature of a trailer versus a tent...

There was also some Indian writings that were SUPER old!! This "Calvin" one obviously wasn't. But the second picture was from a long time ago. It makes you wonder what they believed in and stuff

I went running while in Moab and loved it. It was a really pretty run. And I also saw these two crosses in the ground

Having lunch at the Olsons

Camping Randoms

One of Josan's games. Adam was on a business trip for this one.

Handsome boy

I've been doing a Plank Challenge for a little bit and the goal was to be able to plank for 5 minutes. There you go!

Say WHAAAAT?!?!? Now THAT is seriously crazy! Cal just started walking 1 week before he actually turns 1. He is learning so fast! How can our baby be turning one already?!

Adam went to Boston. We wanted to go too but couldn't this time. Looked fun though!

At least I have my boys to keep me busy while Adam's gone...;)

Cal is getting more and more mobile. And we're getting more and more in trouble. This one is gonna give us a run for our money...!

Calvin had all the ladies' attention at one of Adam's softball game. It was pretty cute!

GOOD GRIEF......!!! 

So yeah. The 12th was our 10 year anniversary. Adam took me up on a hike that I've wanted to do for a while. He was acting pretty antsy and I was starting to wonder why the heck he was so stressed about a hike. Well it turns out that he took me to such a beautiful spot of our hike and did a make up proposal!! And he got the ring to go with it. You know that ring I was lusting after in april...that one!
Here's my thoughts of that day:
Our day has been AMAZING. We got to spend time together and act like newlyweds again. Speaking of which...Adam surprised me with the best make up proposal ever along with the prettiest ring I've ever seen. 10 years. We've been married for 10 years! It's gone by so fast but at the same time it feels like I've always known Adam. I don't remember or imagine how life was or would be without him and our 2 boys. He's not only my better half. He's my everything. Thank you babe for the best 10 years of my life! Here's to the next 10! — with Adam Fox.
And here's Adam's:
10 years ago I married the best person I have ever met. We have gone through some down times, and so many more good times. 2 amazing sons, 3 states lived in, 6 moves, 1 gerbal, 2 dogs, and a bunch of fish who didn't last more than a couple days.
Families are forever, and I am thankful I have mine for that. I love youAnnie Bedard Fox 🦊. It's going to be almost impossible to top the last 10 years, but I can't wait to try with you.

So much trouble...

1 year ago the most wanted baby boy made his entrance in the world. He has blessed the lives of his parents and his brother beyond words. We waited 7 long years for Calvin. And he sure was worth every bit of the wait. Happy birthday my love!

Daddy looks exhausted and Cal looks like he could stay awake for days! Story of our lives!

Somme visiting with Alan's family

Happy Mother's day!

Trying out Calvin's birthday present. He LOVES it!

Girls lunch!!!

BYU had a fanfest in Farmington and we took Josan and his friend Alton to it. It was super fun. Especially that Alton is a huge Utes fan...it made things more interesting for sure!

First real bath time for this big boy!! Look at that bum!!!!

I can't get enough of him!!!...
...and his big brother!!!

I've never seen a kid that didn't absolutely love Mike. And Calvin is no exception.

Going blonde for Summer time!

Some things change...some don't. Josan still likes to come in our bedroom and would just sleep there all the time if we let him. He'll outgrow that someday right?

Art night at school. I love how much of a perfectionist Josan is in everything. Including arts.

Bonne Fete a ma fantastique mere et amie! Je ne sais pas ce que je ferais sans toi! Je t'aime!

Qu'est-ce qu'il est beau notre bebe!!

We took a trip to Logandale and brought the party with us! It was seriously so fun! All the kids had a blast and were so good! And the adults had at least as much fun as the kids!

Blonder again...

On our way back home we stopped and visited Cove Fort which is an old Mormon settlement. It was so interesting to see how they lived back then

We're all so tired from so much fun! This month has definitely been tiring. But SO SO SO worth it!