Wednesday, April 12, 2017


February was much better than January thank goodness. Here's the highlights of the months:

This handsome boy lost his 2 top front teeth. He looks so stinking cute!

Adam went to Park City for work this month. So no biggie there.

Bro time

February 8th would have been Mom's 67th birthday. We think of her all the time and miss her every single day. I miss her selfless, loving, nurturing, kind spirit. I miss how she wouldn't judge others and thought the best of them. I miss the way she was with her grand babies and how she would have been for Calvin. I miss hearing her eat dinner or chew on ice while we were on the phone. And I miss that mischievous smile she had when she thought she was being a stinker. I can't wait to see her again. Happy birthday Mom!

This is a picture my brother's girlfriend sent me. This was about a month after he got arrested. He already looks a lot better than he did. 3 meals a day and no drugs will do that to you I guess. It's hard to get my hopes up when it comes to him. He's been in some sort of trouble pretty much his whole life. I just don't know if he'll ever learn from his mistakes. I really hope so. But I'm not counting on it either.

Handsome baby

Once in a while I video chat with my Mom. It's super hard to spend such a long time in between visits to Canada cause it seems like every time I see my parents, they look so much older than the time before. It scares me. A lot. I know it's part of living in another country but once in a while it just hits a little harder.
This is a picture I screenshoted when I was talking to her. They could barely see the houses across the street. Now THAT is a lot of snow.

I love this picture of them. I need to video chat with my Dad soon too. I miss them.

Calvin and Everly are interacting more and more now. It's fun to watch them play. Calvin was just taking his girl on a little stroll;)

I took this on Spring picture day. We didn't want to buy 2 sets of pictures in one school year. So I just took some the morning of. I can't get enough of those handsome faces!

 More Everly time

Calvin is 9 months!!! He loves to walk around in his walker and eat everything we give him. He's pretty good at crawling now and gets into pretty much everything possible. He loves to throw balls around too. He's a strong guy and he knows what he wants. What he does not want anymore is to get his diaper changed. He hates it. He just always wants to be busy. He goes from one thing to the next with no break in between. He's pretty much over his stranger danger phase too which didn't last long at all. I'm happy about that for sure. He's our little wild child and we couldn't imagine life without him.


Adam's job took their employees to a Jazz game and they had a suite in there. It was super awkward at first but it turned out to be fun. Other than the suite they also had 4 seats just a couple rows up the court and we loved seeing the players that close! We saw ourselves on the big screen a couple times and that just made my night! :D

Laying around with Calvin is my favorite thing ever! I could do that all day! And I totally would if he'd let me!

Me and Kelli went out one night and went to Ross. We found those super ugly satin jackets and put them on. It was hilarious. This is a horrible picture of us. But the memories are just too funny not to record

Adam and I don't really do gifts for each other on Valentine's day. We just make sure that we get to go on a date or something and spend some time together. We had our neighbors' daughter babysit for us while we went to dinner and a massage. It was the perfect date! When I asked her how the baby was she just sent me this picture. It melted my heart. I was so glad that Calvin was happy with Emma! Then Adam actually bought me flowers this year and had Josan picked them. They did amazing. I'm so blessed!

The 2 handsomest boys ever!! How did we get so lucky?

On February 19th we went to the Sayamas' to celebrate Rory's birthday and it was super fun. The kids had a blast and so did the adults. Oh, and that strawberry cake was amazing...even if I'm the one who made it!!


Eating out with the besties

I just don't understand how this kid cannot sleep in his own, comfy room but will sleep like that in ours...

I had to put a couple of pictures together. I just think that Calvin looks a lot like me. way more than Josan does anyway...

 Just getting into his big brother's stuff while he's at school.

Once in a while I think I'm pretty. And by once in a while I mean like twice a year. So I had to record that one. I actually took those pictures when I threw a Facebook lipstick party. Hence the kissy face.

Lori babysat Calvin for me and sent me this picture. Cutest, most boyish princess I know!

Getting into something else. This time under our side table. He couldn't figure out how to back out without banging his head. He eventually got out ok with Maman's help;)

 I love these pictures. The boys just love to observe each other

Maman and her boys 

This is AWESOME! We took Josan to Zupas at Farmington Station and as we started eating I see this man and his family settling into the table next to us. I dropped my spoon and told Adam it was President Uchdorf. We stared at him for a couple minutes and concluded it wasn't him. I felt pretty stupid. But then again I couldn't help but think he looked so much like him! They decided to go to another table that was a little bigger and the man's daughter looked down to me,  paused, and smiled. That's all it took me to ask her if the man she was with was President Uchdorf. She kept on smiling and said that yes, it was. And that I could go shake his hand if I hurried before he started his meal. I dropped everything there, including the boys and B lined for him. He looks so different in person without any special lights or make up or whatever. But I was absolutely star strucked. I shook his hand, told him he was my all time favorite speaker. He asked about the boys so I introduced them and Adam to him. He turned down my request to take a picture with him and I felt pretty stupid. But then I realized that he was there to enjoy a meal with his family. Not to start taking pictures with everyone. So I felt a little less stupid. But still snatched a couple of pictures of him.

My littlest stinker

2 of my loves

At church that Sunday we had an apostle come talk to us. The stake center was packed but it sure was worth it.

I guess the boys didn't love it as much as I did

Most of the time Josan only takes the fun part of being a big brother and leaves the work behind. So when I see him actually helping with Cal I have to snap a picture

The dogs think that Josan's bed is for them too...oh well...


One day Josan and Adam matched perfectly without even planning it. They're so handsome!!

Stinky boys

Then we got to meet the newest member of the Fox clan. Josan loves her and Calvin's just curious about his closest cousin. I think it's safe to say that she's got everyone wrapped around her little fingers. She's the most perfect little bean.πŸŽ€πŸ‘ΆπŸ»πŸ’•

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