Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Well it's finally starting to be warmer and we're pretty happy with that. I love winter time but it's just hard to always be inside.
Calvin is a perfect sitter now and crawls all over the place. He's the stinkiest baby ever!

Bro time
Cal also started drinking out of a sippy cup and he loves it. Nothing surprising there he's the least picky boy ever!

We were just getting Josan back from his friend's house across the highway and saw 5 deer right there by the road! That was so cool!

For the past 10 years I get a little nostalgic every spring. Back in Quebec we have Sugar shacks where the owners get maple water and turns it into a bunch of maple products. My favorite is "tire d'erable" which is a glorified maple taffy that is usually served on clean snow. Well this year I tried to make my own "tire d'erable" and it turned out more like a maple hard candy. It was still really yummy and now I can try again next spring!

Random family picture at the theater

This is our new toy. We have loved going camping for the passed couple years and actually did our best enjoying it with Calvin last summer. But it's really not that easy to put a baby to sleep, feed an change a baby in a tent. So we got ourselves a trailer and can't wait to take it out!

Lunch date

Love these two!

So cute! He looks pretty deep in thoughts!

Thank goodness there's times like these... make up for the times like these...:)

Look who's getting his first tooth!

I had the cutest helper to help me get our trailer camping ready. I can't get enough of that face!!

Here's just a bunch of random pictures we took this month

It's getting pretty hard to make Calvin do what we want. He loves to move around and actually rarely sits still doing nothing. He's a lot of fun and we wouldn't trade him for the world

Who does that? 5 months pregnant and still takes her 2 and 5 years old down the zip line. This girl is not human.

We're so cute together...
.........and a little special too!!!

Handsome boy on Spring picture day at school.

More randoms...

BFFs eating each other's faces

sleeping beauties

Taryn did so good on her farewell talk. Chile is so lucky to get her!

Love these girls

and she's off to do great things!

This girl is one of the best sister you could wish for. She is fun, patient, kind, selfless and -naturally- gorgeous. Love you to pieces Kara! Thanks for having a birthday!

I could jus tsnuggle this guy all day. He won't let me when he's awake so I take all I can when he sleeps.

I forgot to post these last month...Josan is not one to show a whole lot of emotions normally. So when he gives you something like that it means so much!

They love their dad...

(Sorry Josan) I just have to post this. This picture shows how long Josan can stay on the toilet. I'm just waiting for the day that the mark stays permanently! ;)


I've been trying to get to a super light ashy blonde for a couple months. I like this though

Date night with my favorite people

Love these two girls so much. I honestly could not imagine my life without them.

I don't remember the last time I went to Women's Conference. Or if I ever did before. I just never had anyone to go with and never wanted to go by myself. I loved going with Kelli and feeling the spirit there.

We love eating pommes now!

And working on the computer

and taking 2 -short- naps each day

Josan use to LOVE sitting on Adam's shoulder like that. Calvin likes it too. But he never sits still long enough to make it worth it...

Passport pictures for this little guy! How cute is that?

First pictures of Hermana Thomas in the MTC in Mexico.

Miss her like crazy already!

Adam in Baltimore and DC

Got a cement pad for the trailer!

I love these 2 boys of mine.

Being a stinker some more
Not sure why he look so bald on this picture...

Evs turned 2 at the end of the month. We gave her a bubble makinh machine but she liked the bubble gum better...;)

Happy birthday Everly!!!

We loved our month of March!!!!!:)

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