Saturday, July 29, 2017


I just saw my dream ring on a Facebook page one day. Just thought I'd share...

Cal is getting so good at standing up and do whatever he puts his mind to. He's fearless and nothing will stop him.

We went out with Dad and Grandma to Chuck O Rama.

Kelli and I took the kids to the children museum in Salt Lake. It was so much fun! Calvin loved right about everything there...

...while Josan pouted in the corner cause the first part was so boring!

Then Bro #1 finally cheered up and was able to have some fun

So I was so proud of myself for being able to do a headstand again....then I realized everyone could see my geese...O_O

That was a fun part too. You can build whatever you want with Legos. Even race cars

Movie time with our favorites! We went to see Boss Baby. The Moms were not too excited about it but we all ended up loving the movie. The best part to me is hos similar my boys are to the 2 boys in the movie. And with the same age gap too!


Did I mention how much I love these gorgeous girls?

On April 10th was National Sibling Day. Love you ptit frere!

Little love

I love that picture. Adam looks like an idiot and Rory looks so...Asian...! :'D

Love this. Great reminder!

No way our baby is 11 months old already! One more month til his first birthday!!!😳
Calvin is such a happy baby! If he doesn't need anything he doesn't cry. He entertains himself for long periods of time. But he's a pretty bad sleeper. He takes 1 or 2 naps a day and we never know how long it'll be. He crawls a hundred miles an hour and eats anything we give him but some of his favorites are oranges, yogurt, pastas, eggs and really everything that's eatable (or not...!😲). He crawls up the stairs and is learning to go down too. He stands for a few seconds on his own but doesn't care much about walking yet. He has 2 bottom teeth and brown/green/gray eyes. we're still not sure on that one. He loves to play with trucks or cars and do a broum broum (French ha ha ) sound.He gets in EVERYTHING and knows what he wants. He's spunky, funny, sweet, determined, destroying, loud, curious and oh so crazy. We are more blessed than we could ever tell to have him and couldn't imagine our lives without our little wild childπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ‘ΆπŸΌπŸ’™

We were in St George with the Olsons over my birthday. It was so fun! One thing I insisted on was to go on a run. I was pretty satisfied with my present to myself!

happy birthday to me!!!!πŸ˜πŸƒπŸΌ‍♀️
Start and Finish
Also, Adam surprised me big time this year. He bought me a new running outfit and at the bottom of the gift bad was 2 registrations for a half marathon in August!!! I'm so excited to run my first official half! And I just cannot believe that Adam signed up for it too!

Birthday dinner at Olive Garden!

More St George fun

White trash Hot dog snack anyone?

Hot Grandma! :D

Josan wanted to go sleep over at Grandpa's house while in St George. Which meant he'd be gone for my birthday. I'm not gonna lie I had such a hard time and wanted to Facetime him all the time!


This year on Easter morning Josan asked us if there really was an Easter Bunny. We asked him what he thought and he told us he thought it wasn't real. So sad to see his innocence go... :(

Traditional Olson Easter Egg Hunt

Good thing he's so freaking cute cause man is he stinky!

Just thought I'd put a picture of one of THE dumbest dogs ever. We sure love Monsieur still

More randoms

This was one of Josan's dream come true. He's always wanted to have Keamon and Eli over for a sleep over. They were so cute!

Now this... I don't really understand why but Calvin LOVES Ben. He'll just stare at him like that and it's so bloody cute

My handsome boys

Adam went to Philadelphia for work. Just thought I'd send him a kiss...;)

At least he was able to have SOME fun while he was there...

I love this from President Monson

More loves...

My poor boys got strep throat. They sure are good for feeling like crap. They're so tough!

I love this one too. Not sure why I fell on those quotes this month but I'm sure I needed to read them for some reason!

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